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Bali Water Protection (BWP) – ‘Save Bali Water’

Bali Water Protection Program

“Bali water crisis, tourism paradise in peril”

Did you know - Bali is running out of fresh water?

"Lack of management and overconsumption of water can cause aquifers to face groundwater depletion and land subsidence. Although Bali is a lush, tropical island with rich volcanic soil and a more than 1,000-year heritage of rice production, researchers estimate … 60% of Bali's water catchments are drying up".

We have a solution!

Bali Water Protection (BWP) hydrology experts aim to help restore Bali’s underground water aquifers with 136 recharge wells across the island and on 3 small sister-island’s also suffering long drought conditions and over-consumption from thirsty tourism.


We need your help!

BWP solution is currently the only rapid aquifer-recharge mitigation program active on Bali. This aquifer restoration technique is proven successful and implemented across India since the 1980s – it will work to recharge Bali fresh water supplies too!

Stage 1 funding urgently needed: US$103 000 - for hydro-geological site test selections to build water recharge wells across all terrains – media and education campaigns.

Stage 2 will commence drilling recharge wells once funding of US$1million achieved.


BWP crowd-funding campaign began in mid-2015, limited donations received so far (14% of Stage 1 funding raised by Oct 2016) - mostly contributed by overseas supporters.

In a few years - "A water crisis will turn into a tourism crisis and economic crisis: 20% of Balinese people work in tourism and 55% supply the tourism sector; 3.5 million people will be affected" - Stroma Cole

Bali Water Protection (BWP) research indicates - Growing tourism and urban development is rapidly draining underground aquifers – water tables have dropped 50m in some areas in under 10 years – resulting in coastal salt water intrusion as fresh water aquifers drain lower, particularly in Bali’s southern tourism precinct, urban resort areas exposed to high, non-reversible risk.

Bali tourism continues to rise 20% per year - Bali’s local population of over 4 million urban, rural and farmer residents also received 7.2 million Indonesian domestic tourists, & 4 million overseas visitors in 2015 (4.5m international arrivals expected in 2016). Top 2 source countries for international tourists to Bali - Australia (23%), China (20%).

BWP is a community collaborative program – to benefit all who live, visit or profit from Bali – managed by IDEP Foundation & Bali Polytechnic University.

IDEP Foundation – is a grassroots, holistic development NGO focused on community sustainability and resilience.

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“It is time for all Balinese citizens, visitors, and profiteers to own responsibility for this Bali water crisis - whether individual locals or corporate groups, all with a stake in sustainability for the long-term future of our water – time is running out, we need to work together on solutions!”  – Ade Andreawan, Executive Director, IDEP Foundation, Bali


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