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Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a practice that reflects Permaculture principles. It is the practice of using renewable techniques to achieve sustainability by means of non-chemical substances.

The IDEP Foundation Office in Batuan Kaler is located in an artistic and farming district in Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. The IDEP grounds include an office building, the IDEP Demonstration Site – a living laboratory to test various Permaculture methods and technologies – and a training center.

The components of the demonstration site include:

Seed banks with non-hybrid/non-GMO, self-pollinating seed stocks
Vegetable, fruit and herb garden designs (both rural & urban techniques)
Conservation & propagation of a wide range of traditional medicinal plants
Samples of grey and black water treatment
Irrigation water systems & treatment
Several composting systems: worm composting; liquid and solid composting
Paper recycling demonstration area
Living fences and borders
Integrated pest management demonstrations
Today IDEP Foundation is seeking support for developing our new demonstration site and support IDEP’s community education and seed saving projects. If you are interested in helping us and enrich your knowledge in organic farming methods, join our weekly Garden Day activities!