Permaculture Media

Permaculture Media

IDEP has developed a wide range of public education and self-help resources related to Permaculture, which covers many aspects of sustainable community development and lifestyles.

For institutions or agencies that want to donate this media to your community in need, we will happy to service your request.


Resources are:

- Resource Book for Permaculture - Solution for Sustainable Lifestyles

This reference book contains 13 modules of Permaculture practices, each of which includes detailed explanations and practical exercises.

- Permaculture Facilitator's Handbook

This handbooks includes guidelines and techniques for delivering Permaculture workshops and implementing effective courses appropriate to the needs in your area.

- Permaculture Facilitator's Training Resource & Assessment Resources Book

This resource book provides facilitators with tools to create dynamic workshops and learning environments.

- Permaculture Facilitator Resources DVD Rom

This DVD enhances the effectiveness of trainings and public awareness events about Permaculture.


In West Sumatera, we freely distribute permaculture guideline books to organic farming facilitators.The organic farming movement in West Sumatera, joined in Gelanggang Alam Petani Organik (GAPO) is a huge movement with thousands member in West Sumatera. Through this movement we introduce permaculture to farmers to supplement their traditional practices.

In Aceh, these books have become the guidelines for tsunami-affected communities in 2004, in doing the recovery in economic, environmental and social order. These guidelines facilitate the local communities in implementing permaculture techniques in their territories. IDEP Foundation has established permaculture education in Aceh, the GreenHand Field School, established in 2005 to 2009 and is now a Aceh Permaculture Foundation (YPA).

In Bali, the permaculture guidelines have become a so called 'holy book' for IDEP Foundation, used in every community outreach or training program.


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Ekonomi Hijau - Green Economy Papua

Ekonomi Hijau - Green Economy Papua

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