Disaster Management Media

Disaster Management Media

Most Indonesian areas are earthquake disaster-prone areas. Since the 2002 Bali bombing, IDEP Foundation has prepared community disaster guidelines. IDEP has developed a wide range of public education and self help resources related to Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM).

These books are used in training courses held by IDEP Foundation, local and international institutions, private sector and governments to provide disaster understanding for the community and outreach groups. Through these media, the community can learn the techniques of self rescue and evacuation routes in their neighborhood.

Indonesia's vulnerability to disasters makes this guidance important at the community level helping to save large groups of people from suffering. For example, the SurfAid International helped the community in Mentawai Islands, West Sumatera, by using our disaster media to train and prepare communities for disaster. When the tsunami sruck the Mentawai on October 25, 2010, the community of the North Pagai Tumalei evacuated themselves to safer places, based on the training. Only 1 death occured out of around 120 citizens. In villages which did not receive disaster training, unfortunately most residents died, totalling about 400 people.


Resources are:

- Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM) Manual

This manual book can be used to prepare for and reduce the impacts of disasters in all 3 stages, before disaster, during disaster and after disaster.

- Community Based Disaster Management Resource Book

This resource book contains forms that guide effective disaster management in all 3 stages, before disaster, during disaster and after disaster. 8-titles of public education comic series: Tsunami, Landslide, Flood, Volcano, Earthquake, Storm, Building Peace, Terrorism.

These 8 comic series are an engaging way to introduce community based disaster preparedness, to increase community awareness about specific types of disaster and to encourage community involvement in disaster mitigation and management.

- ‘Tales of Disaster’ film DVD

This educational DVD uses 'puppets' to introduce children to understand the key aspects of community disaster response.

- ‘Let’s Get Prepared’ film DVD

This DVD can help local communities and decision makers to gain a better understanding of the key concepts of effective CBDM and inspire people to start CBDM activities in their areas.

- Disaster Management Facilitator Resources

This DVD Resources can be used by local facilitators to enhance the effectiveness of trainings and public awareness events about disaster management.


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