Media Making Resources

Media Making Resources.

Media Making Resources

IDEP has developed several practical self-help manuals for people interested in learning more about how to make and disseminate effective public education and campaigning media.

With an easy to understand format and complete examples, we believe you can make your own media using these manuals. They are our main guidelines in delivering the media courses.

The manuals have been used by various institutions or agencies in Indonesia and abroad. They are a reflection of our experience over the years in making print media, audio visual and interactive media. If you are interested in making media, choose one of the manuals according to your needs. Or for agencies wanting to conduct media training, the manuals can be ordered directly. They are available in Indonesian or English.


Resources are:

- Make Media that Works - self-help handbook for making print and digital advocacy media

This practical handbook is for those interested in learning more about the principles of making effective media for campaigning and communications. It covers suggestions for both experienced and inexperienced designers and theories of media design.

- Let’s Make Video - a practical handbook for video making and photography

This filmmaker practical handbook is for new filmmakers and those interested in making documentary and public education films. It covers introduction to the basic theories of effective filmmaking, principles and practices for making high impact photographs.


For compherensive information, download the IDEP Media Catalogue in English or in Bahasa

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