Media Training

Media Training

IDEP Media runs intensive training courses on how to produce and distribute effective public education campaigns. We encourage people with media experience to join our team as volunteers and share their skills with local NGOs through the training.

We believe that the most effective way to build community educational capacity is through media. This is the key reason we provide media training for community groups, government, and organizations which work among the community, in areas of Indonesia.

Listening and seeing,through poster, banner, pamphlet, radio, film, fact sheet, brochure, billboard, and other media forms help people to understand something easier.

IDEP Media guarantees that each participant who follow the required schedule will be able to produce media according to the course. We provide excellent training facilities appropriate to high standards of media creation. It is a comfortable training location, surrounded by paddy fields and organic gardens. Participants are in a comfortable "Studio of Nature", whether outdoor or indoor. You will not get stuck in a creativity limiting, four wall-room.

These courses are open for children and adults. We run them with a minimum of four and maximum eight people, to ensure that the participants can receive the best attention.


Our courses are:

- Making video
- Shooting / photography
- Video editing
- Animation
- Graphic design


Below are some of our Media Training.

Perempuan Perkasa

Media Training in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia, February 2010, for 2 weeks. The participants are local NGOs in Padang.

Below is one of the participants' film made during the training.

Perempuan Perkasa is about a woman from Padang, Sumatera, Indonesia, struggling for her rights and the rights of those around her affected by disaster.

Air Sumber Kehidupan

Media Training in Bali, Indonesia, for 3 weeks. The participants are from Aceh, Mentawai, Central of Sulawesi, Kupang.

Below is one of the participant's film made during the training.

Air Sumber Kehidupan is a film about forest conservation issues, the importance of saving water resources for the future, in the village of Yeh Embang, Negara, Bali. Now, as predicted when the film was produced, the water issues in Yeh Embang is in crisis.

Sabarudin Korban Tsunami Aceh

Filmmaking training in Lhong, Aceh, Indonesia, January-February 2008, for one month. The participants are local NGOs in Aceh.

 Below is one of the participant's film made during the training.

Sabarudin Korban Tsunami Aceh is a film about Sabarudin, whose parents died in the Aceh tsunami earthquake, left him and his sister. Then he decided to learn more about organic farming.

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