Media Design and Development

Media Design & Development

Today's media is designed for shorter attentions spans'; as peoples' attention spans get shorter, the information overload is becoming more and more of a problem. People jump from one piece information to another. We must try to create more intelligent and simple information. Readers don't like to be overloaded by too much information, so our designs consider how to simplify and organize your media into easily digestible pieces of information.

Television, the internet, and other external stimuli have trained our minds to perceive and interpret information very quickly. Short attention spans make it difficult for people to read a lot of text or concentrate on one thing for a long time - our brains have been trained to jump to the next piece of information, before fully absorbing the first. Short attention spans can't handle long articles and readers often just skim to the bottom.


To make effective media, it should:

- Have a carefully thought and planned strategy
- Have specific objectives
- Be relevant and appropriate for the defined target audience
- Have clear messages
- Reach the right people and motivate them to respond


In Indonesia, 27.05% people are illiterate (statistical data, 2010), most being 45-years old. Thus it takes a special media strategy to reach certain age groups. Superior strategies and deployment of good quality media will maximize the uptake of information. Post campaign monitoring and evaluation is then used to measure success.

You may consult with us to help design the layout, the paper specification, volume, distribution plans, promotional media support, etc. IDEP Media also offers photography services for corporate events, community activities, program/project reports, products, etc., either outdoor and indoor photography for your reports or your media print design.


IDEP Media may facilitate your media production, such as:

- Media design & concept development
- Print media layout & typesetting
- HTML development for interactive media items
- Flash animation development
- Video shooting, editing, authoring
- Photography

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